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Immigration Lawyers in Orlando – From our offices in the Greater Orlando, FL area we represent clients from all around the world and all across the United States. This includes from individuals and small businesses, to large corporations and investors.

We have represented thousands of business clients and litigants in State and Federal Court, as well in their immigration matters before USCIS and the Immigration Court (EOIR). Our clients come from every continent and close to a hundred different countries.  Due to this vast experience, we are uniquely qualified to provide legal services of the highest quality.

Experienced Immigration Lawyers

Attorney Pablo Cabrera and Cabrera & Associates, P.A., are immigration lawyers in the Orlando, FL area, representing individuals and businesses in their immigration matters for more than two decades.  We pride ourselves in the fact that we handle all kinds of cases, from very complex Federal Court cases, to very simple family petitions, and everything in between.  Attorneys Pablo Cabrera and Jeannette Alicea-Cabrera assist clients in these immigration cases, among others:

Immigration Law is a very complex area of law.  The U.S. Government agencies constantly change, update and modify their interpretations.  Therefore, possessing vast experience and a deep understanding of the field can be the difference in your case.

Our lawyers handled most kinds of immigration cases, from individual and family-based petitions before USCIS, to multi-national executive transfers under L-1 and EB-1, as well as H-1B and PERM employment petitions.

Removal Defense

In addition to our USCIS practice, we represent people fleeing persecution in their political and religious asylum claims.  These are presented before USCIS, the Immigration Court, the BIA, and Federal Court.   Particularly, we assist people who have longer than 10 years of presence in the U.S. obtain cancellation of removal.  Lastly, we represent applicants for waivers in front of an Immigration Judge in their removal proceedings.

Criminal Arrests

Also, an arrest or criminal conviction can have very serious effects in your immigration status.  To defend from the charges is as important as understanding the consequences of a conviction or a plea agreement.  Hence, we can work with your criminal law attorney to provide you a better understanding of the potential consequences.

If you need an attorney who fully understands the immigration consequences of your criminal charges, feel free to contact Attorney Pablo Cabrera.  We are here to help you.

In conclusion, if you need an experienced immigration lawyer in Orlando, Florida, in Puerto Rico, or anywhere else in the United States, contact us today.

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