Immigration Appeals and Federal Litigation

Frequently the agencies that handle immigration matters (Department of Homeland Security, USCIS, Department of State, Department of Justice) incorrectly deny applications and claims for relief, or otherwise refuse to grant immigration benefits to which the alien is eligible for.  Sometimes the affected party must appeal their case to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) from a decision of an Immigration Judge or a USCIS adjudicator.

Some other times, the only way to obtain redress and the benefit that one is eligible for is by requesting review or suing these agencies in Federal Court.

Attorney Pablo Cabrera, and Cabrera & Associates, P.A. have represented many foreign national over the years in their immigration claims in Federal Court.  These types of claims include:

  • Petitions For Review from BIA Denials and Removal Orders to Federal Court of Appeals
  • Review of Denials of Naturalization (N-400 And N-336) to Federal District Court
  • Administrative Procedure Act (APA) Lawsuits for USCIS Denials

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