Criminal Law

Nobody wants to be or thinks that will ever be arrested or accused of committing a crime.  However, it happens frequently.  If the person not a citizen of the United States, the consequences of an arrest, a criminal conviction; or even a “plea agreement”, “nollo contendere” or diversion program, can be devastating.

Few people understand that since immigration is a federal subject matter (meaning that it is controlled by the U.S. Federal Government, not by the individual 50 States) the effects and consequences of all these criminal proceedings (like probations, diversion programs, fines, etc.) are not always binding for immigration purposes.  The foreign national might think that is “getting rid of the problem”, but in reality, it could be the beginning of much more serious consequences.

Sometimes the consequences of a state criminal procedure on an individual’s immigration status are unavoidable, because the risk of a guilty conviction and a potential sentence greatly outweighs the benefits of going to trial in a criminal matter.  Nevertheless, those decisions must be made being aware of the immigration consequences of each plea and with a potential strategy for the foreseeable future.

We represent and assist clients in the following criminal and immigration matters:

  • Misdemeanor Crimes (Driving Without a License, Shoplifting)
  • Felony Crimes (DUI, Theft, Battery, Domestic Violence)
  • Federal Immigration Criminal Cases (Immigration Fraud, Illegal Re-Entry)

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